2bular 4-2-1 exhaust

4-2-1 header [image: 2bular.co.uk – jim valentine]

I ordered a QP – quiet performance – system from 2bular or tubular. It consists of a 4-2-1 collector for the N/A 2zz-ge engine, a 200-cell sportscat and the biggest backbox possible to fit in the original heat shielding. It originates from the 8 inch design he used to do. A repackable option isn’t offered anymore.

The 4-2-1 choice disables the route to add a supercharger as that would need a 4-1 design collector. As i had one of the first QP from production i found i needed to make a slight alteration in a non structural part (webbing) of the subframe. 

The sound is amazing, dark and not too loud (certainly louder than OEM), and no droning. My setup and mapping only burble the first mile or so when the engine is still cold. It didn’t pass on the second Zolder trackside microphone though, but a lot of us failed that day and and may have been that microphone being off calibration. Fortunately the limits will be increased by 2 dB(A) which would suffice to pass. 

It was shipped very properly packed in two rugged paper boxes, whith wood supporting the box and the product. It is impossible you to find parts sticking out of the box. 

I initially wrapped the collectors, but apparently too tight and wet so after one season they were all torn to pieces. Currently i a driving without them. The boot itself is also covered with heatshielding.

I have chosen the twin rolled tips exhaust option. They are significantly bigger than OEM and protrude some 10 cm’s more aft.