Powder coated engine covers

Powder coated engine covers

Due to an oilspill from the drive shaft boot i decided to clean up the engine bay and powder coat a lot of items, like cam cover, timing cover, ECU, inlet manifold, various brackets and hinges. All bolts and nuts to be cleaned in citric acid and media blasted, and replated and passivated.

The subframe has been stripped, blasted and replated, dipped in molten zinc.

Engine parts prepared for the powder coater (make sure no grit is allowed in cavities were it will emerge when the engine is operating again..

Gearbox internals being rebuilt and case cleaned.

Back from the powder coaters, gun metal grey and black.

Reassembly of the 2zz-ge engine

Powder coated ECU cover.

2bular exhaust system, wrapped headers.

Approved by Elisa

Lead time: 6 months..