Installing the Elise & Exige Spitfire toe link kit

Installing the Elise & Exige Spitfire toe link kit

The inner toe links from the s2 Elise/Exige are prone to failure if they are not inspected on a regular basis. Corrosion due to water and road grime may induce small cracks at the thread which may ultimately end up in toe link failure which is not a pretty sight.

Previously i ran a rose joint solution combined with a double shear support by a brace bar. The advantage is that this doesn’t require drilling of the subframe. The drawback is additional weight of the brace bar, and limited choice of rose joints which can widthstand the forces on track in particular. After the rose joints became consumables i took the plunge and installed the toe link kit from Gaz / Spitfire Engineering.

The kit comes with an extensive install manual – and in the event of questions the manufacturer is happy to respond.

The rivnuts are included, the tool is widely available from any tool shop.

The bracket is used as a drilling template.

Rivnuts in situ

Bracket and final pivot bolt torqued in place.