How to refresh the Lotus Elise wiper drive assembly

Part number A117M0104F  (RHD) or A117M0103F  (LHD)

  • Remove the front clam because of the access needed and the wiper mechanism body is also a bracket for the spine of the front clam.
  • Remove the feed hose between the heater box and the distribution box
  • Disconnect the servo lead from the distribution box, and wiper connector
  • Drill out two rivets from the box bracket
  • Remove the box by sliding it out in forward direction
  • Remove the wiper arm, use a 2 jaw puller tool specific for the job
  • Remove at least 3 hidden cap screws fixing the base of the wiper to the firewall
  • Remove the assembly
  • Make note or a picture of the rest landing position of all levers, i.e. the arm on the stop position of the motor.
  • Remove all screws and nuts
  • Remove the circlips from the wiper shaft
  • Secure and make note of the washer and small o-ring while sliding out the shaft
  • Secure and make note of the wave washer at the opposite end of the shaft

I had the mechanism levers and bolts replated. Brushed the alloy pillar, and sand blasted the base plate. Spray coated the base plate in primer, color and top coat. Assembly in reverse order and applied grease to the shaft, oiled the hinges. Again, make sure the motor is in the ‘stop’ position and the lever is installed in its correct landing ‘top dead center’ position again. You will figure it out, or learn the hard way 😉