Carbon sill covers on Lotus Elise / Exige

The removal of the factory fit aircon pipes from the RH sill is easier without the sill covers fitted. Since they looked a bit tired i took the opportunity to replace them with carbon covers.

The sill covers are fixed to the chassis with adhesive tape. Once removed you’ll notice that the OEM covers are filled with some foam. This can be removed (although this may prove difficult to get it out in one piece) and replaced in the carbon shells. I plan to glue it in the carbon shells with epoxy resin.

The carbon covers are usually available in gloss or matte finish. I choose the gloss finish because i think they may be more easy to respray when marked.

Note there is a difference between the airbag – and non airbag models of the s2 sill covers because the front speakers are situated in either the switch panels or the dash top fascia.