bespoke miniatures

Bespoke miniatures

If only you could print your own detailed scale model of your car, right configuration and all? Well, modern times enable this – to some extent. 3D printing tech has landed as a consumer product. Combined with proper knowledge of 3D modelling it has become possible.

Make no mistake, it takes months of work to prepare a printable file and printing itself isn’t the nicest of jobs requiring safety precautions and all. But there they are, my first rough 1:18 replica’s, yet to be altered on lots of details, tolerances and fitments and surface finish. But a good first try nonetheless, now developping from here!

Note, i am not / have not taken orders, nor do i provide files. It is a personal project atm. Just enjoy the process for the time being!

Work in progress:
Elise 111r 2005 – Storm Titanium B121 – LHD
Elise 111r 2005 – Magnetic blue B100 – RHD
Elise 111r 2004 – Magnetic blue B100 – RHD
Elise 220 Cup 2016 – Arctic Silver B130 – RHD
Elise 111r 2004+ – Arctic Silver B130 or enquire – LHD/RHD

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heating and ventilation HVAC/airconditioning/heating

Work in progress – refreshing the hvac bay

While working my way into the hvac bay in order to rebuild the A/C system i couldn’t resist taking out the wiper mechanism. This also requires to remove the air distribution box.

Lotus Elise and Exige wiper mechanism.

The wiper mechanism will be replated and passivated, where it’s baseplate has been media blasted and will be resprayed.

The refreshed fan assembly, zinc plated interface, stainless locknuts, fipg gasket

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1:24 scale model Lotus Elise 111r

I recreated the color scheme of my 111r on a yellow Welly 1:24 Lotus Elise 111s scale model.

The model was fully disassembled in order to paint it properly. Using paint from a touch up bottle and a compressor fed spray gun the paint was applied. First the 2-k primer, metallics as base coat and House of Kolor clear coat.

The antracite stripe is the first color layer which is then masked and sprayed over with the artic silver base coat.





This blog is not affiliated to in any way, and serves as a personal playground to share knowledge about the art of Lotus Elise 111r maintenance, and build a community along the way. I spent a lot of time writing updates on tech forums and i decided to gather that info in a catalogued fashion for easy access. It is nowhere near complete yet, nor do i pretend to know everything there is to know. But for some who want to tinker on their own Lotus Elise or Exige it may offer a start, just as i googled everything i needed to know before attacking my Elise works. Enjoy!





Lotus helmet design

Working on a helmet design in Lotus colors. Base is an OMP grandprix 7s helmet. Materials used: house of kolor paints, silhouette vinyl cutter and a compressor fed spray gun.

Finished with show clear coat by House of Kolor

The finished Lotus design helmet

The finished Lotus design helmet

The finished Lotus design helmet