2zz-ge serpentine belts for Lotus application

xPKyyyy    x=no ribs  yyyy=length(mm)

Elise/Exige N/A
A120E6418S | 2zz,idler,pump,alternator, no A/C - 6PK1420
or Gates 560)
A120E6416S | 2zz,idler,pump,alternator, with A/C - 6PK1695
or Gates 660 (but 1685-1702 has been reported a good fit)

Elise/Exige SC (219hp)
B120E6509F no A/C (length t.b.a.)
B120E6510F with A/C (length t.b.a.)

Exige S - stock pulley
128E6007F no AC replaced by B128E6007F 1910mm, Gates 744=1890mm
128E6008F with AC replaced by B128E6008F 1828mm Gates 760=1930mm

Exige S - 3" pulley
No AC Gates 739=1877mm
With AC GAtes 755=1918mm

MWR underdrive pulleys for pump and alternator add +50mm total
for the pair (2zz, aircon delete and underdrive pump+alternator=1470mm proven fit)

(multiply by 2.54 to get mm)

Note: A/C delete belt reduction is big for N/A and small for S/C setup
Serpentine belt routing without supercharger
Serpentine belt routing with supercharger