Lotus Elise Exige fuse boxes (s2 – toyota powered)

Cabin fuse box

  • C1 20A Interior fan
  • C2 15A Wiper motor
  • C3 7,5A Audio
  • C4 7,5A A.C. compressor clutch (only powered when activated, preceeded by main fusebox fuse 19, 20A)
  • Additonally a 60A maxi fuse for the ABS circuit fixed to the passenger ‘glove box’
Cabin fuse box

Note that C4 is the last fuse before the compressor clutch and only powered when all conditions are met. The service notes state to use 10A but all electronic schematics state 7,5A instead. It is wired red in, red/grey out.

Engine compartment fuse boxes

  • R1 20A Fuel pump
  • R2 3A Immobilizer
  • R3 5A Alternator sense line
  • R4 5A ECU battery feed
  • R5 5A o2 heaters (lambda sondes)
  • R6 7,5A VVT, VVL, IAC (high low cam, vvt retard system etc)
  • R7 10A injectors, ignition coils
  • R8 5A recirculation pump (heat soak)

Main fuse box behind service panel:

1 20A Aux. power socket
2 2A  EUR alarm siren / Federal: reverse lights
3 20A driver window
4 20A Passenger window
5 7.5A EUR Reverse lights/ Federal: brake lights
6 7.5A Turn indicators
7 10A Ignition services
8 7.5A Battery services
9 10A Hazard lights
10 7.5A Horn
11 10A Alarm & Interior lamp
12 10A ABS
13 3A ECU ignition
14 20A Radiator fans 1 fast & 2 slow
15 7.5A Radio, switch pack module
16 10A  EUR Rear fog / Federal Sidelights
17 10A Dip beam LH
18 10A Dip beam RH
19 20A A.C comp relay & rad fan 2 fast
20 15A Main beam LH
21 15A Main beam RH
22 7.5 CDL