The process of removing the often failing airconditioning and blower unit. The condensor blocks the radiator and is provided with smaller fans compared to non a/c, so as a bonus the replacement fans will be bigger.

The HVAC unit is out and by the looks of it i may need some time to refurbish. Elise spares offer ‘motorsport’ blowers so you can at least demist the front window and comply the dutch MOT as ‘air must be sensed by hand’ at the windshield. Temperature or flow velocity is not an issue. I think of modding the heater loom to feed this one at constant speed only, and replace the fuse by a smaller 5A. The original selector should still work. It is mounted against the steering rack box, which offer several unused rivnuts.

Winter time dec 16 – jan 17. Car hibernates on jackstands again whilst attacking some parts which hadn’t been refreshed yet – or had to be done again.

Front clam off, installed some ducting to connect the motorsport blower to the existing air intakes at the bottom of the crash structure. The fan extracts hot air from the radiator without them. Nice when damp but equally uncomfortable during summer trackdays.

Weight saving:

DELETE A/C total 8476 g
– compressor 4963 g
– various tubes, dryer 153 g
– condensor est. 2000 g

– oem fan 2389 g
– plastic cowls/flaps 964 g
– resistor pack 282 g
– heater box+matrixes 3426 g
– airhose 298 g

+ motorsport blower adds est 500 g