Center console

How to remove the center console from a Lotus Elise s2?

The knob is fixed with grub screw, and threaded and must be turned like a nut to remove.

The ‘reverse lock’ can only be lifted after a cable with a zig-zag connection is released within the leather boot, so lift the console as high as you can at this time to get access to the covered side of the reverse lock mechanism.

The handbrake grip is also provided with a grub screw below, remove and slide of. Pull/lift the handbrake as hard as you can/dare. No need to remove handbrake cable or anyting related.

Then lift the console with the leather boot and the released reverse lock top.

When removed completely, the clipses which hold the leather boot to the console can be pulled if you want to spray the console, the clipses can be reused.

tie wrap ‘reverse lock’-leatherboot cut to enable refit and driving while console sprayed metalic silver + clear top coat