Lotus Supercharger Kits

There is a lot of confusion about the various supercharger installs on either Lotus Elise or Exige models. So, what is out there? I am just discussing the Toyota engined s2 and s3 models of the Elise and Exige.

Lotus Elise s2 – 2zz ge engine N/A (naturally aspired) without supercharger 189hp

Lotus Elise s2 SC – factory fitted or later installed A120E0041F Eaton MP45 roots type supercharger kit, 217hp. The early supercharged s2 Exige (non S) version is also provided with this charger.

Lotus Elise SC Eaton MP45 compressor kit

Lotus Exige S – factory fitted (or by Lotus Motorsport division). These models are fitted with a Magnuson MP62 supercharger with Eaton twin rotor roots type assembly. This compressor is widely used on various cars and brands, and is installed to the 2zz engine using a swan neck and some adapters to fit an air to air intercooler on top of the engine. As such, it only fits the le-mans styled rear of the Exige by default. It delivers 220 to 260hp depening on rotational speed and pulley size. Normal injectors can handle 220hp but above it needs different injectors and an uprated fuel pump. The intercooler can be swapped for a smaller water to air cooler below the fuel neck of an elise.

Katana2+ supercharger kit, based on MP62 charger, not charge cooled, fits Elise body.

Image and kit by Inokinetic, Katana2+ supercharger

Greddy supercharger kit (similar to Katana setup):

Greddy supercharger kit, image by Newcelica.org

REV 300 supercharger kit based on a Eaton Harrop TVS1320 twin vortices compressor, a water to air chargecooler can be sandwiched in, fits Elise body.

The Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) is an Eaton product, so basically all superchargers and kits are related in some way through the origin of the rotors.

REV 300 TVS supercharger, image and kit by BOE



The Elise s3 version has been built with either a toyota 1ZR 1.6l engine (not supercharged) but quickly discontinued and only built with a toyota 2ZR-FE 1.8l engine which may be factory supercharged using a Magnuson/TVS R900 supercharger , 220 – 250 hp. This supercharger manifold contains a water/air chargecooler with front (side) cooler. 

2zr-fe + magnusson R900 supercharger: – image by Lotuscars

The complete the list, an s3 Exige V6 uses a Eaton Harrop TVS 1320 supercharger but Harrop offers aftermarket TVS 1900 kits: