Elise/Exige wheel options

There are a lot of threads about the width of the fronts, but i think i figured it out. (The rears are always 7.5×17)

The oem S and 111r ‘spiders’ are 5.5 width to receive 175 width tyres.

The sports option for the elise, twinspoke forged is 6.0″ wide, wheras the similar exige wheel from that date was 6,5″ wide.

At a later stage the exige wheel was also reduced to 6.0″

Anyway, the front wheels shown are 6.0″ and are fitted with 175 width tyres, they do look and are somewhat wider compared to the spiders. The half inch does show, even with the exact same ad07’s. More importantly, it should be possible to fit a good selection of track specific tyres at a later stage.

The full options sheet taken from deroure: