Elise/Exige 2zz-ge baffled sump

In order to avoid oil starvation it is a must to run a baffled sump on track with this particular engine – or at least make sure the oil is topped up to the max at all times.

In longer left turns the oil pick up may run dry, thus damaging or destroying the engine.

In my case i purchased a GpanIII from – currently inokinetic (former sector111) – but any baffled sump will do (moroso, or welded up OEM pan etc)

Removing the OEM sump is a bit of a pain. Getting the studs out as well.

The sump is fitted with a bead of FIPG (form in place gasket).

I used two beads of FIPG which is basically too much as it may squeeze out and jam the oil pick up in that case. After a few years of use it proved it didn’t in my case. but one bead should do. Just lay down a ring of FIPG around the mounting holes.  The sump takes an additional litre of oil as a bonus.