Wishbone refresh – refurbishing the parts

First parts have been derusted with Deox-C (bilt hamber / opie oils). Lots of elbow grease required with the wire brush, and some additional temperature of the dip helps. But still needs some blasting.

In my pursuit to get all bolts and brackets out which look corroded I finally got all parts isolated and ready for blasting/plating/coating etc.

1. boot hinges
2. gear cable bracket
3. cast iron engine mount
4. all shims and small brackets (camber,clam,radiator,exhaust, some deox-c prepped)
5. toe link bars
6. exhaust manifold support
7. gear cable support hook
8. engine mount chassis part
9. cast iron drive shaft bracket
10. part of engine mount
11. coolant reservoir+pump bracket
12. part of engine mount
13. roll bar support diagonals
14. anti roll bar
15. engine mount chassis part
16. abs unit bracket
17. front engine mount chassis side
18. cast iron uprights and steering arms (deox-c prepped)
19. engine mount parts with rubber fitted, front still on engine (not to be plated)
20. rear upper ball link plinths

Did i miss something?
edit: yes, i forgot the bonnet catch bracket. Removed and dismantled the mechanism, drilled some rivets to free up the visible part of the latch and added it to the stack of small parts.

Front upper shock mounting brackets are recently replaced (nitron)

Inspired after the monthly lotus meeting at Van Sten; applied first two layers of POR clearcoat to the passivated wisbones and first black on the hubs (passivated as well).

Always stored indoors so UV stability shouldn’t be a problem, can always repaint them if necessary.

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