Elise/Exige clutch replacement

Got the clutch out today, wasn’t too bad for a 70k OEM. Might have lasted a lot more abuse.

Will be replaced by Exedy uprated clutch. First need the proper threadlock for the pressure plate bolts, locktite 243 blue?

Directions: https://howtune.com/articles/63-replacing-the-clutch-on-a-lotus-3elise

Put the clutch housing + transmission + diff on scales; weight 35kg confirmed.

Clutch fitted this afternoon, can check that item from my bucket list.

Release bearing replaced, and greased spline, fork pin and tips and sliding surface for the bearing,

The clutch disk (friction disk) is drawn against the pressure plate assembly with an alignment tool, which clamps into the splined bush and pulls both parts firmly together. This combo is then torqued against the flywheel on the engine block (19 Nm). The clutchplate is now compressed between flywheel and pressure plate so the alignment tool can be withdrawn without the clutchdisk falling down inside the stack. No plastic fittings are left behind.

What worries me a little bit is that the fingers of the pressure plate are not completely flat under the pressure. Exedy states:

“When the pressure plate has been torqued down securely to the flywheel, ensure that the diaphragm tips (in the case of a lever type cover assembly, the release lever tips) are in a parallel or slightly upward position and do not go over center of the parallel position.”

They are in a ‘slightly upward position’ (but is approx 5mm difference outside,inside equal to ‘slightly’?) The old clutch pressure plate was still flat when removed (thus friction thickness not worn too bad – or just bent fingers?)

Guess i can only test it as soon as i have a rolling chassis again. The transmission was re-united to the engine by use of the clØtch-jig©, no drama there 🙂 There seems to be sufficient free play for the release bearing before touching the pressure plate fingers, which is re-assuring. I hope anyone has been there before.. (btw: exedy uprated clutch and alignment tool from yvo)

[ Note to self: first engage clutch fully to have the disk freed up so it can settle and align to the transmission shaft before starting or torqueing the engine. ]